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Gadget of the month

Good Things Come in Small Packages

CX-10W Mini Drone

Key Features...

720p-compatible 0.3MP Camera.

Six-axis Gyroscope for Extra Added Stability.

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Control That Works with opAndroid and iOS.

Tiny 17-Gram Drone That Can Fit in Your Bag or Purse.

CX-10W is a drone that keeps things as small – and affordable – as possible. You get a tiny drone that's only 62x62x25mm and weighs a mere 17 grams. It's so small you could literally place the drone in your palms and curl your fingers around the entire unit. Yet despite its miniature size, the CX-10W is one mini drone that is much cheaper compared to its larger, bulkier cousins. You just pair it to your Android or iOS smartphone – further reducing the costs on your end.

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